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GRADING THE WAY TO PROGRESS: Tancoal's Commitment to Ruvuma's Community Road Improvement

Road Maintenance Initiative (Kitai to Lituhi Road)

Roads serve as the lifelines that connect us, enabling the smooth transportation of goods, services, and people. Tancoal Energy Limited and its dedicated team have taken a commendable step towards enhancing the quality of life for the surrounding communities and businesses, by actively investing in bettering the roads.


With a distance of approximately 60 km (37 miles), this is the only road from Kitai to the Tancoal Mine (Ngaka Coalfield).

It has been the conduit through which mining equipment, supplies, and the precious minerals themselves have traveled. Additionally, it's the only route that connects the surrounding local communities to essential services like healthcare, basic goods, and education.

Recognizing the road's importance and its challenges, Tancoal Energy Limited decided to take ownership of the situation. Their commitment to fixing and maintaining the road was a matter of convenience and a demonstration of their dedication to the local community and sustainable mining practices.


For many years, this road faced numerous challenges, including:

  • Deterioration: Heavy machinery and frequent use caused the road to deteriorate significantly, making it treacherous and impassable during the rainy season.

  • Isolation: During the rainy season, the road became a mudslide, isolating the mining site and nearby communities from the rest of the region.

  • Safety Concerns: The deteriorating road posed safety hazards for vehicles and pedestrians alike, leading to many fatalities, accidents, losses, and injuries.


Tancoal's efforts to improve the road included:

Significant financial resources were allocated towards the fixing and the continuous maintenance of the road. This involved widening, grading, and in certain areas reinforcing the road's foundation.

  • The company utilized modern construction techniques and equipment to ensure the road could withstand the rigors of mining operations and the region's weather.

  • The company also ensured that environmental considerations were taken into account during road construction, mitigating potential impacts on the local ecosystem.


With the improved roads, the following is hope to be set in motion that has not already been achieved:

  • Economic Growth: With the road being more reliable, Tancoal's operations have already become more efficient, boosting production and providing economic opportunities for the local population.

  • Improved Access: Residents will have easier access to emergency healthcare, education, and other essential services throughout the year.

  • Safety: Accidents and injuries related to road conditions have significantly decreased, enhancing overall safety.

Tancoal's decision to take ownership of fixing and properly maintaning the road leading to the mine from Songea represents a significant step forward in responsible mining practices. It's not merely a road; it's a lifeline for the community and a symbol of the company's commitment to sustainable development.

This proactive approach serves as an inspiring example of how industry and community interests can align for the betterment of all stakeholders, showcasing a path toward a brighter and more prosperous future for Songea and its mining industry.

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