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The Tanzanian coal industry, with Tancoal Energy Limited at the helm, is set to experience enduring growth and stability. Our premium thermal coal is in high demand across Eastern Africa's export markets, serving a broad spectrum of clients, including power generation companies, steel producers, and other industries reliant on smelting.


Tancoal's thermal coal stands out for its minimal trace elements like ash, sulfur, and nitrogen, ensuring it meets the needs of energy-intensive industries efficiently. As Eastern Africa and the global community continue to grow economically and demographically, Tancoal is well-equipped to meet the rising needs for energy generation, infrastructure development, and the demands of manufacturing and industrial sectors.


Tancoal is deeply involved in the coal mining sector's discourse, maintaining memberships in various industry associations and actively participating in policy discussions. Our goal is to ensure that Tanzania's abundant natural resources contribute positively to sustainable growth, both within the nation and on an international scale.

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