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Tancoal Energy Limited is deeply committed to nurturing local prosperity and enhancing the capacity of our neighboring villages and towns. We are driven by the conviction that the advantages of our operations should extend well beyond our immediate workforce and persist past the lifespan of any individual asset.


Our pledge is to create a lasting economic and social impact that transcends our mining activities, leaving a legacy that continues to flourish in the realms of education, skill development, and infrastructure.


For a more in-depth look at our engagement with and contributions to our local communities, we invite you to explore our News section, where you can find updates on both ongoing initiatives and completed projects, reflecting our dedication to the heart and spirit of Africa.

EMPOWERING THE FUTURE: Lihumbilo Primary School Project Shines in Community
In a heartwarming display of corporate responsibility, Tancoal Energy has made a significant investment in the Lihumbilo Primary School Project. Read more >

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