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Welcome to Tancoal Energy Limited, the leading producer and developer of thermal coal in the Eastern African region.


At Tancoal, we are deeply committed to the ethos of 'African coal for African Industrial Development,' ensuring a steady supply of thermal coal both locally and internationally. Our principal operation, the Tancoal mine in the Ngaka Coalfield of Tanzania, stands as a symbol of our operational excellence and strategic insight.


In collaboration with the National Development Corporation of Tanzania, this Joint Venture exemplifies our dedication to supporting regional industrial growth through the judicious use of local resources. Known for our cost-effective and efficient operations, Tancoal has established itself as a competitive low-cost producer, thriving in the dynamic and growing Eastern African market.

Our strategic market position is bolstered by our consistent delivery of high-quality thermal coal, catering to the varied energy requirements of Eastern Africa and markets around the world.

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Our Vision
Our Mission


We aspires to be the epitome of trust and leadership in the Tanzanian coal mining industry, recognized for our unwavering commitment to operational excellence, sustainable practices, and the betterment of community life.


We are dedicated to employing state-of-the-art technologies and adhering to the highest industry standards to enhance the value of our coal reserves while conscientiously mitigating our impact on the environment. Our ethos is to nurture a culture that prioritizes safety, fosters transparency, and encourages collaborative efforts.


Through these principles, we are determined to forge a thriving and sustainable future for our corporation, our dedicated employees, our valued stakeholders, and the communities within which we have the privilege to operate.

Our mission is to conduct the extraction and delivery of high-caliber coal resources with a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and environmental guardianship.


We endeavor to play a pivotal role in bolstering the socio-economic fabric of Tanzania through our operations. Our focus is firmly set on upholding the highest standards of safety, achieving unparalleled operational excellence, and actively engaging with the communities we serve.


It is through these core objectives that we seek to establish enduring value for our stakeholders and solidify our reputation as a preeminent and responsible contributor to the coal mining industry.

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NEWS: Community Impact

Uncovering the stories that matter

GRADING THE WAY TO PROGRESS: Tancoal's Road Upgrade Initiative (Kitai to Lituhi Road)
In the heart of Tanzania's coal-rich Ruvuma region, lies a road that has long been the lifeblood of a thriving community. Read more >

SEEDLINGS OF CHANGE: Tancoal's Community Focused Rehabilitation Project
A community-focused planting project, dedicated to rehabilitating the environment and strengthening the bonds with the local community.
 Read more >

EMPOWERING THE FUTURE: Lihumbilo Primary School Project Shines in Community
In a heartwarming display of corporate responsibility, Tancoal Energy has made a significant investment in the Lihumbilo Primary School Project. Read more >

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